Death of the Pharaoh

Character Creation

Pick either the standard array or do a 27 point buy as described in the phb on page 13.

The standard races are allowed, as are shifters from the UA Eberron pdf, and Genasi and Goliaths from the Elemental Evil book. 

Any standard class is allowed, including the artificer variant of the wizard from UA Eberron pdf.

Khemia (The kingdom you are in) is based on various points in Egypt's history, with a heavy dash of fantasy. Magic users are relatively common, and necromancy isn't considered evil. Magic items are rare, and iron and steel have to be imported from far away at great expense, and will be considered magical compared to other weapons.

The gods are active in the world, but scheme from the shadows. Each great house is the descendants of a particular god, and some members of the house may take on traits of their deity. Your character most likely belongs to a great house, but is not high enough up in the line of succession to gain rulership of anything at this time. Also, just because a house may worship an evil deity, doesn't mean your character has to if they belong to that house.

House and patron god: 

House Hekoman – Nephthys

House Aspalut – Bastet

House Rak-Hor - Osiris

House Tamu – Imhotep

House Qulsaisut – Set

The currency is glass coins infused with the oxides of metals for coloring. The face of the ruling Pharaoh is stamped in the face, and a deity of the Pharaoh's house on the back.

Red: Copper

Black: Silver

Yellow-green: Electrum

Orange: Gold

Blue: Platinum

The current season is Peret (planting), but it is nearing Shemu (harvest)

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Rain, North








Sand, North

Cities: (in order of size)

Ezbet (Northern Capitol)

Aswan (Southern Capitol)

El Dabaa (trade port)

Ras Sedr (trade port)

Ashmun (farming village)

Luxor (trading village)


Question for Andrew:
I am picking a Patron as a Warlock. The SCAG gave some suggestions one of them being Gilgeam the god-king of Unther, which would make sense except that this is home brew so i’m not sure the we actually are in Unther.
I could also pick Osiris which make a lot of sense being god of afterlife etc. But he is a major god, so I don’t know if that is OK or not.
Or we could make something else up. It doesn’t really affect gameplay, it is more what fits in better for the story.

Character Creation

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