Death of the Pharaoh

The Black Mamba

After dispatching several guards, the group rests up and starts to feel a little more powerful.  Aton, realizes that he finally figured out the proper method of animating the dead and tries it out on one of the recently killed guards.

The group enters a room with jail cells and a few prisoners from the caravan.  The caravan leader implores the group to help him, for his daughter was just taken from the cells and he fears what may happen to her.

The group breaks the locks after a few hits and frees the prisoners who go back to the wagons to hide while the group continues on,  They enter a large cavern with a pit on the far side that surrounds an island that contains braziers, candelabras and a stone table and altar.  There are a dozen or more robed figures on the near side of the pit watching the lone figure on the far side of the pit.

Semerket’s body, still wrapped, lies on the table in the fetal position A man in dark robes wearing a circlet with a snake head on it and an amulet of a coiled up serpent in the shape of an upside down ankh looms over Semerkhet chanting…

He is the Set Rahotep
No man was more potent when he was amongst those dwelling in the land of Egypt. In death he is greater still!
Do you not fear serpents? He is the Aepep Rahotep!
Who does not tremble before the monsters of the Duat? He is the one!
Does your flesh not crawl at the sight of a terrible wyrm? He is the Deathwyrm Rahotep!
Does your blood run cold before the face of a fiend? Know then that He is Rahotep the Fiend!
Who shuns not demons? Shun him, for He is the demon Rahotep, the Red Devil.
And which fool listens? That one is wise! Praise Set and the Set Rahotep, that one, and pity the rest!

Cucklicker charges into the room and lets fly a few crossbow bolts at the dark figure, apparently, the Black Mamba, to try to interrupt the foul ritual, but he is focused and determined and takes the hit without stopping his chanting.

A couple of cultists snap into action.  One casts a spell on Cucklicker, freezing him in place, while another starts hacking away at him. One of the bandits starts opening a gate to reveal a monster on the other side.  The monster is very large, with eight legs and a spiky hide and large teeth; A basilisk.

The black mamba continues his ritual, rubbing the body with oils and ashes, cleansing the body:

Nepthys mourns for the Osiris Semerket

This Ha no longer belongs to you

We cleanse this Ha for the set Rahotep

The Osiris Semerket’s Ka must wander forever

The cleric quickly comes to the aid of Cucklint, dispelling the spell that had paralyzed him.  Aton orders his zombie minion into the action to keep the bandits busy.  The druid ensnares some of the worshippers keeping them out of the action.

The black mamba starts the opening of the mouth ceremony:

My mouth is opened by Ptah,

My mouth's bonds are loosed by my city-god.

Thoth has come fully equipped with spells,

He looses the bonds of Seth from my mouth.

Atum has given me my hands,

They are placed as guardians.

My mouth is given to me,

My mouth is opened by Ptah,

With that chisel of metal

With which he opened the mouth of the gods.

I am Sekhmet-Wadjet who dwells in the west of heaven,

I am Sahyt among the souls of On.

The basilisk gazes at the cleric, the cleric feels himself freezing in place, turning to stone!  Cucklint shoots the black mamba several more times.  The black mamba uses magic shielding to protect him from most of the damage and continues his ritual unhindered.

He lifts his staff and points it at the body of Semerket.  The body engulfs in electricity, the crackle of lightning surrounding it.  It starts to move!

The cleric shakes off the effects of the basilisk before his skin turns to stone.  The sorcerer engulfs the basilisk in magical darkness.  One of the cult fanatics speaks the word, “slither” and his staff animates in the form of a cobra.  He attacks Cucklint with it, the snake biting him and injecting its poison into him.

After some more back and forth, the black mamba finally falls to the bolts of Cucklint and the basilisk meets its end as well.  The cultists all fight to the death.  The group (I assume) searches the cave thoroughly.



Everyone gets inspiration for interrupting the ritual!

Items Found:

Blemmish Tribesman Account

Note: The Blemmish Tribesman Account is fairly long and hard to read.  You don't NEED to read it, but it is good flavor.  The quick summary is that it is an account from one of the nomadic tribes describing how they looted a bunch of temples in a necropolis nearby.

Staff of the Adder

(2) potions of Greater Healing

1 potion of Fly

Pouch with 50gp

Serpent Ankh

  • An object in the form of Serpent so twisted and looped as to resemble an upside-down ankh

Spellbook with the following spell.


Annoying Itch

2nd-level enchantment

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S, M (a bit of soap)

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

Choose a creature that you can see within range.

The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or suffer from an undesirable and annoying itch.  The creature has disadvantage on all attack rolls and ability rolls while suffering this effect.  The creature may spend its turn scratching the itch which ends the effect. Otherwise, at the end of each of its turns, the target can make another Wisdom saving throw. On a success, the spell ends on the target.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot o f 3rd level or higher, you can target one additional creature for each slot level above 2nd.


The rescued caravan leader informs you that you have two possibilities on where to go from here. The village of Aartuat is probably less than 10 miles away, but it is quite small. The city of Farnoc is probably 50 or so miles away, but has much more to offer as far as shops and temples etc. He indicates that he prefers to go to Farnoc for that is where his family lives and he would like to go see them after this traumatic event, but he will guide you any where you would like to go…

The Black Mamba

the black mamba took the words right out of my mouth – see previous post.

The Black Mamba

Hah. He must have the book of the dead too… or Wikipedia.

The Black Mamba

Oh never-ending. I get it.

The Black Mamba

Exciting story so far. I hate basilisks… and poisonous snakes. This episode has both!!

What happened to the now-animated Semerket? Did you have to battle him as well?

The Black Mamba

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